Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary at $5 Grand a Minute a Champion for the Middle Class

Finally the road to coronation begins not before cheering fans but by social media removed
“I want to be a champion for the middle class” though my prior acts show me as  a person to be reproved
A true champion is one who with the middle class has empathized
Not one who lives only to another crown try on for size
Hillary has not the remotes connection with the middle class
Other than gutting salmon in Valdez she has forfeited her boarding pass
Hillary has thrown her aloofness and secrecy hat into the ring
Now announcing for presidency in the early days of spring
After years in Arkansas, Washington and the 5 grand a minute speech
One would think that the middle class she wants has faded out of reach
It is clear that her statement that after leaving the White House she was dead broke
To allege she wants to be a champion of the middle class is a joke
Especially when the creators of jobs, small businesses are under an increasing regulatory yoke
In Hillaryland corporations do not create jobs only the Feds
A fantasyland view we mere mortals should in terms of income loss dread
The Lincoln Bedroom if she wins will once again be for nightly rent
Not only for donors but also for foreign governments who millions to her have sent
Let the spending of 2 billion dollars on both sides begin
A fear that Hillary will do anything to win
If elected there will be a new Iron Curtain to her presidency acts hide
While we as a nation continue the Obama induced from power slide
© April 12, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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