Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Nuclear Deal--God Help Us

It is a basic premise investors try to teach entrepreneurs
Never keep investors in the dark covered with manure
Darkness may work for growing mushrooms but not for creating investor trust
Adhered to by entrepreneurs more likely than not the company will go bust
In diplomacy the stakes are more serious and the consequences more dear
If our leaders in diplomacy to the mushroom theory of diplomacy adhere
The Congress has been kept in the dark on details now we must speculate
All in the background of Iranian cheating and vows that on the destruction of Israel it will not negotiate
What happened to the demand that enriched uranium to be sent to Russia to keep?
What happened the demand the prohibition against a nuke would be forever—no wonder we are viewed as weak
If compliance by Iran we cannot completely verify
Some real deadly mushroom clouds will be rising into the Middle East sky
Iran has cheated almost daily and many times unknown in the past
Why does Obama believe any promised adherence by Iran will last?
Obama claims without basis if Iran cheats, the world will know
What divine power of clairvoyance  on him been bestowed?
The details of a final agreement have yet to be completed or revealed
But given the penchant for nontransparency of this administration they may be sealed
This agreement if reached is too important not to the level of a treaty rise
Under our Constitution the Senate must consent in addition to merely advise.
History will record that the Iranians made us look like fools
After a short hiatus watch them acquire the mass destruction nuclear tools
© April 2, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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