Thursday, April 30, 2015

EPA Appeal to Stoners for Climate Chane Help

Given what happened in the Denver office of the EPA
Comes as no surprise that Gina McCarthy was comfortable in appearing between a gap in the rap “music” being played
Less the good citizens of this country forget; Denver EPA staffers unknown were not crapping in the stalls
Rather they were leaving turds on the floors in the Denver EPA office halls
Strange way to protect our waterways from solid waste water pollution
Even though indoor plumbing was supposed to represent a great advance in sanitary evolution
When it comes to porn, the ultimate degrading of a woman’s body and mind
The EPA to its officers and employees watching hours of porn daily turns eyes that are blind
Fortunately for us, the more porn EPA staffers watch, the less time for regulations crippling business write
Less time to devote to the War on Fossil Fuels misguided fight
Symbolic that an agency that seems mired in the fusion of its own filth and porn
Appeals to the scum of the earth and ultimate misogynists, the rappers who all decency scorn
Gina McCarthy taking a break from her War on Fossil Fuels at the Broccoli Music Festival appears
To urge the rappers and fans raise their voices on climate change  while besieged by a slew of profane insults that would cause most women to cover their ears
The voices of the rappers stoned and completely high
Who any semblances of authority want to defy
While viewing women as complete and total fools
Bitches, a place good only for a haven for their third leg tools
Good for only creating more babies out of wedlock, abandoned and doomed to a life of poverty and crime
Are not the voices we need to hear in any rational discussion of climate change from these slimes
Fortunately, for those of us who may be serious about this issue, the stoned rappers and their fans
Are too high to such basics as how to vote, contact an elected official or write a letter understand
© April 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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