Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hillary Sells Out to the Russians

Each day brings more scandals that will bring Hillary down to defeat
This one involves the Russians and should put Hillary on the hot seat
While as Secretary of State a takeover of a Uranium One by the Reds she had to approve
Hopefully there will the smoking guns to help us a quid pro quo to easily prove
Maybe it was merely a coincidence that her foundation received 2.3 million from the Reds
Maybe it was merely a coincidence that Bill received 500k for a Moscow speech as the deal moved ahead
Or maybe more likely the Clintons still believing they were dead broke
Put out their funding feelers hidden under the private email server cloak
Allowing the Russians to control an element needed for our weapons and power
In exchange for foundation gifts and speaking fees leaves a taste far too sour
We have a new AG who hopefully will not be charged with protecting Obama’s back
Who might have the integrity and faith in justice that Holder clearly lacked
On Hillary she might decide this looks like and smells like treason
And open up an investigation of her acts before the campaign season
Seize the email server to try to the deleted “personal emails” recover
Start investigating the companies that gave money and received favors and see what links to her corruption it will uncover.
One thing is certain; this woman does not have the ethics to in the Oval Office sit
For the sake of her party and this nation from her campaign to be coronated she should just quit!
 © April 22, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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