Saturday, April 4, 2015

Intimidation of Chafettz by Secret Service?

In Obamaland the message comes across loud and clear
Investigate a government agency and face the innuendo and smear
The Secret Service is tasked with a very difficult task
From its agents the supreme sacrifice this nation asks
Of late the Secret Service seems out of control
Raising grave doubts on its ability to perform its vital role
The most recent was the case of senior staff with too much to imbibe
Crashing into a crime scene at the White House and the facts supervisors trying to hide
While a package that was feared to be a bomb
Was left far too long near the White House Lawn
Chaffetz’s criticism of the Secret Service has been relentless
As a steady stream of scandals of the Secret Service seems endless
We now learn that Chaffetz had applied to the Sercret Service 12 years ago but was denied
We also learn confidential information on Chaffetz is to his foes being supplied
Thank God for whistleblowers of integrity the Secret Service who have these leaks revealed
The Inspector General must insure that their jobs and promotions the leakers cannot repeal
Apologies from Johnson and Clancy rare from the Feds were nice
What is needed also is accountability for the leakers which the only act that will suffice
© April 4, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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