Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kitty Genovese Deja Vu In Panama City Beach

If the ghost of Kitty Genovese flew to Panama City Beach tired of the cold of New York City
She would be raining her tears of outrage on the party goers lack of pity
Not since she was repeatedly stabbed to death on a New York City block
Has a nation been by the failure humans to get involved been so shocked
In Kitty’s case despite her screams of impending death none of the dozens safe in their rooms above
Would even though safe and secure from harm from the killer dial 911 to the assault get rid of
Kitty after multiple stab wounds in plain view of the spectators peering from their windows died
And a nation as one the behavior of those spectators decried
In Panama City Beach where the students were guzzling beer
Bonging and chugging without any open container in public law to fear
Totally wasted, drinking until many a party goer would pass out
Drink enough and alcohol always wins that bout
A woman caught on video passed out in the sand
Legs opened up and held down by savage, strong hands
Down go her panties to the cheers and laughter of the crowd inches away
Gang raped in a barbaric loss of humanity on display
Almost a mantra of we can’t act like humans and intercede
The spectator who filmed this rape must have known this was not 4 actors and an a porn actress
But an unwilling victim of rape if conscious would be screaming in fearful distress
To record the event to keep or hand over as evidence to the cops
But not one cry in protest to this brutality stop
Might spill our beer and interfere with the partying as it proceeds
The veneer of civility from the spectators so close completely dissolved
Sadly this how days of unrestrained partying must unfortunately evolve
The photos of three of the four now under arrest look like huge thugs
Maybe the men there were afraid that trying to interfere they would get mugged
But no one called 911 to this girl try to protect
From a real abuse on women all should reject
All of the rapists were in college and one has to inquire
What kind of teaching occurs on campus, what kind goals do these students aspire
Maybe the rapists were as drunk as the victim and their judgment impaired
Doubtful, but the town fathers allowing alcohol on the beach have plenty of guilt to share
Parents warn your children on spring break to beware
Going to Panama City Beach is too dangerous and if you go we will reduce our tuition share
© April 16, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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