Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kerry Blinked No Right to Exist Link

Once again a dismissive and pompous statement from Maria Harf
Seeing the world like her boss with rose colored glasses—it makes you want to barf
The “agreement” is only about nukes cannot be linked to Israel’s right to exist
So typical of this administration’s fantasy view of the world we need to resist
When each side states the “agreement” means two different things
Each side has a different song to sing
The harmony is not there and when June 30 rolls around
If an agreement is signed more likely than not for us and the Mideast it will be unsound
Kerry may have been a great Senator but when comes to negotiations with these barbarians
He was asleep and missed the call to deal with Iran sounded by the massed clarions
When you see films of Iranians dancing in the streets
A hint that for us we have suffered a major diplomatic defeat
Already the Saudis see the handwriting on the wall
This agreement will not prevent an Iranian nuke, most likely not stall
Time for them to go to their client Pakistanian state
Purchase nukes to make them a counter to Iran’s nuclear weight
This administration in its refusal to recognize radical Islam’s martyrdom need
Has planted another nuclear arms race seeds
If you were South Korea or Japan and watched this administration abandon Israel in favor of an Iranian deal
Light bulbs would go on as the conclusion would be a U.S. commitment to defend is not real.
If you were a nonnuke NATO member the thought should be the same
The U.S. has become a detaloned eagle, weak, feckless, and completely tamed
Kerry folded, Obama negotiated with himself and we look like fools
Thinking that Iranians would abide by any civilized rules
Finally a few last poetic condemnation words
To not address a ban on Iranian ICBMs is completely but typically absurd!
© April 4, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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