Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt to the Rescue in Yemen

We have a president who speaks loudly but carries no sticks
Save to draw lines in the sand to be ignored so quick
Ironic that the carrier group headed to Iran’s convoy block
Is led by the Teddy Roosevelt named for a man when it came to action rocked
Speak softly but carry a big stick was the slogan to which he adhered
A man of action, trusted by our allies and by our enemies feared
Whether charging up San Juan Hill or the Great White Fleet to sail around the world’s ports of call
Or taking on the monopolies that our economic growth tried to stall
Roosevelt did not draw lines in the sand only to then ignore
If he were alive today Obama’s record he would condemn and deplore
Yemen is a complete mess with Sunnis and Shiites cascading into another Mideast Civil War
With Iran once again opening up for the rebels its well stocked armament store
On one hand we may be forced to board or sink the Iranian ships
While on the other more talk on nukes that Iran wants to its forces equip
While rumors are surfacing that as a signing bonus to a nuclear arms deal
A 50 billion signing bonus; stranger than fiction on LSD, very, very surreal
If the Iranian ships are carrying arms to Yemen and we are forced to send them to Davy Jones Locker
Maybe in his last two years, Obama might develop some spine; what an incredible shocker!  
© April 21, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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