Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mayor Denies Stand Down Order Really?

With cameras put in your face, reporters demanding answers and rioting erupting all over the place
Words not carefully thought out due to a quick response needed, might be words one would like to replace
And maybe in the heat of the chaos that caught you unprepared to suppress
You forgot the words to the reporters you used to address
You said you wanted to give the protesters who wanted to destroy the city space
A balance between lawful protest and the riots erupting all over the place
We might be able to give Stephanie Rawlings-Blake the benefit of the doubt
Until her denials and blaming the media as your weakness in response began to mount
In a world of video where every word is recorded even those on unknown open mikes
You cannot deny what was captured on tape that you never said it or would say it your offensive first strike
Words captured live on tape for all the world to see
Denying them means going forward you have lost any and all credibility
All you had to say would have been “ in the heat of the riots with stones, fire and smoke
I did not chose my words carefully and I obviously misspoke
Worse than denial of words on tape are the reports that you as mayor instructed the police to stand down
As the thugs were begin to loot and torch parts of your town
Who would believe the denial of the stand-down order by Mayor Blake?
Or the report which explains why the Blue Line did not try to stop what the looters were trying to take?
Should we believe in the report “it’s only property” you observed?
You must have felt if it was only property, the looters with their space did not arrests deserve
News flash Madam Mayor! It is the property being looted and not sold
That will leave the store owners and their employees out in the economic cold
If as mayor you could order the police to stand down, where were you to the police culture to the black community address?
If you had been doing your job, your city and its owners and employees of damaged businesses would have avoided this mess
You were not prepared and on the issue of the relations between the citizens and the police
You seem to have been asleep at the job and your tenure as mayor should cease

© April 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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