Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clinton Cash Coronation Smashed?

The attack dogs from the Clinton kennel have been unleashed
The knives of smear and slander have been unsheathed
The author of Clinton Cash will be in for the smears of his life
Personal bitter attacks on him as an operative not author will be rife
MSNBC and the mainstream will circle the wagons and the book symbolically burn
Any coverage on yet another Clinton scandal they will go all out to spurn
Hillary Clinton is a smart woman and she helped bring Nixon down
She learned that had Nixon destroyed the tapes he never would have been forced out of town
Creating a private email server had nothing to do with convenience but to keep her contacts abroad secret
Hide the contributions to her foundation giving quid pro quo favorable foreign government treatment
No speech is worth 500 k even if it is a likeable former president on display
Easy to become wealthy when ethics and morality do not get in the way
Hillary can try to the allegations dismiss as a distraction of the issues she wants to raise
An unnecessary deviation from what the mere mortals and media should be doing which is giving her praise
If I were a Blue I would wonder and worry that this scandal will not stop
Worse there may be another shoe that is getting ready to drop
Already when it comes to health records the Clinton camp is being very coy
Will she release them on here concussion or the doctrine of privacy try to employ?
May 5 will be an interesting date to download Clinton Cash
May well be the day the Clinton coronation dreams are smashed.  
© April 21, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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