Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Only Loser Is Reid

Reid is at it again, dismissing all potential GOP candidates as losers
Given his outright bald faced lie on Romney not paying taxes for ten years surprised he didn’t dismiss them as boozers
The only true loser in the Senate is Harry Reid
He is the poster child of why a term limit amendment we need
The Blues that lost Senate seats at least have dignity to take with them
Heads held high with not Reid’s absolute lies all decent people condemn
Surprising that Reid from Nevada has become oblivious to the reality that when the people you lie to and cheat
May not be today, may not be tomorrow, but as sure as the House always wins you and any legacy will go down in flames to defeat
In his tenure as majority leader he has shut this august body almost completely down
Any attempt to create bipartisanship he would quickly drown
In his mind he must have thought of himself as an invincible scrapper in the ring
Always ready to take a punch and then with two back to bring
Now he looks and acts like the boxer who in the ring has stayed far too long
Hit in the head and body too many times, too hard; in the ring he no longer belongs
You feel sorry for the man who once had dictatorial power over the Senate rules
Reduced now as a pathetic, bitter,  babbling fool
Why did not the Blues upon his announcement that he would not again run
Install Schumer and Reid’s continued tenure as Minority Leader completely shun?
Out of loyalty, out of fairness not to kick a man when down, out of respect?
For an unforgiving tyrant, a dictator in the Senate who helped Reds to elect
Reid’s last victory which most people on the political scene will never forget
And why the Red members of the Senate are to Reid deeply in debt
Reid was the lightening rod to bring out the Reds and Indies in droves to as Majority Leader Reid replace
The election was about Obama and how being truthful with the public he had debased
But faced with having Reid still in dictatorial control for two more years made it almost a cake walk
Despite all of Wasserman’s and Reid’s assurances that Red control would be blocked
The Reds made almost histrionic gains
Reid’s Majority Leader position was swept down the drain
We shed no tears to see you go and in retirement wish you well
The last round has ended and you will not rise up again before the bell.
© April 15, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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