Tuesday, April 28, 2015

State Stalls on FOIA Requests

Thank God for groups like Judicial Watch that FOIA requests do not hesitate to lodge
Especially when our government is in secret mode and its accountability tries to dodge
Judicial Watch has been in a holy legal war with the Department of State
As FOIA request after request like planes trying to land in the fog are told to wait
Why the Department of State is on a mission to protect the Clinton Foundation’s from conflict of interest probes
Stalling, redacting and refusing to documents deliver due to its desire to insure her crown and purple ermine robe?
 When Hillary is no longer at its head?
Does it mean culpability of the bureaucrats Hillary led?
Hillary’s strategy in addition to the messenger debase
Is to stall and stall in the hope that time will public attention erase
It has to be time only because as a lame duck Obama has most likely shot his scandal load
Save maybe the Iran nuke “deal” there may not be much on the horizon to attention on conflict of interest scandals erode
Keep up the good work Judicial Watch
Always relentless when the feds’ transparency is botched
© April 28 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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