Thursday, April 9, 2015

Christians Are Not Cockroaches Because They Faced AK-47's

The slaughter of Christian students at a Kenyan university by radical Islamists was a disgrace
But to attack the students for not fighting back was a criticism a bit misplaced
Fighting back against terrorists heavily armed with AK-47s is a wishful and unreal thought
Hands against guns on full automatic gives a student no abilities to successfully have fought
Then a Kenyan police official blamed the dead students for dying like cockroaches instead of trying to fight
Blame them for being separated so the jihadists could spray their deadly blight
If you believed in Allah then you lived to walk away
If you were a Christian then the terrorists would slay
Like sending the Jews from the Poles to in the ghettos or work camps dwell
When worked to almost death into the ovens' hell
We were silent and millions of innocents died
Never again and radical Islam must be IDed and defied
The attributes of the Muslims and Christians had to be pretty much the same
Seeking an education to advance, economic security and some  potential fame
Identical on the surface maybe differences underneath
When will these fanatics the swords of death finally sheath
If blame is going to be assessed
The government with lack of security caused this mess  
The only cockroaches at the school were the jihadists who came to Christians kill
Add more innocents to the radical Islamic butcher’s bill
© April 9, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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