Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bali 9 Executed For Drug Smuggling

In the war on drugs many an American believe the War on Drugs has been lost
Fighting it in terms of DEA corruption, crowded jails, gang and cartel violence has come   at too great a cost
The rumble we hear is the barriers against the use of marijuana beginning to crumble
The drive to ban drugs and send the users to prison starts to stumble
While in the U.S. increasingly the debate over the legalization of drugs is becoming passionate and loud
Whether marijuana for medical or recreational use should be allowed
Evidence on damage to the user’s mind and body is still not completely in
Despite the NORML pitch on less harmful than alcohol or smoking spin
Worries on lack of drive and energy seem to be beginning to abate
As more and more people even those not in sweet perfume are looking to the State
Heroin is much harder to debate but methadone seems to prevail
Still our users are dying in droves on the OD needled trail
Meth is a different animal and ages a person at hyper speed
Rotting the teeth and destroying a lot of the cranial capacity to prosper we need
Some debate over the harshness of penalties especially when it comes crack
Too many black youth and men on a one way prison track
Prison time yes but sentences are being cut back
But the death penalty for drugs we rightfully lack.
In Indonesia against the drug smuggling death penalty there are few opposing voices
Only stand, kneel or sit are a condemned drug smuggler’s only choices
Today the Bali Nine had their rendezvous with a firing squad
Despite pleas from the governments of Australia and France, the Indonesians’ desire    to execute never thawed
One would hope the condemned had blind folds; facing rifles so close one could not miss the heart
That the command was visual and at the same time all of the Bali Nine would from this earth depart
Also that this execution might in the future smuggling reduce
                        If not, bring opponents of the death penalty home to roost
Better yet, encourage debate on why its use should be not a cause for death or jail
When history tells us Prohibition of drugs or alcohol is doomed to fail
                                                                   © April 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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