Monday, April 27, 2015

Quid Pro Quo Or Right Wing Conspiracy

We have a Blue Senator indicted for receiving  mere pocket change
While it now appears that Hillary in accepting donations had free range
Only the dumbest of the dumb would to a donor say
Give me money and I will put my quid pro quo on display
We have transferred a ton of uranium on Hillary’s watch to Putin’s Reds
While the reset was a complete failure as his aggressive policies he pushed ahead
She is delusional if she thinks she can be a champion for the middle class
While foreign governments, corporations and Wall Street kept plying her foundation with millions of quid pro quo cash
Americans are not stupid and her private server story when coupled with the foreign government foundation contributions stinks
Follow the money to the foundation and the State Department acts and only a fool would not see the link
Follow the money to the foundation and Bill’s 500k fees for a speech
And a clear conclusion of quid pro quo one will easily reach
If the voters look to the Clintons’ pattern of behavior and discard the Clintons’ right wing conspiracy into the trash
Focus only on into the foundation and Bill Clinton’s wallet the flow of millions of cash
Maybe the new attorney general will no longer stand the corruption smell
Start investigating for criminal behavior that the pattern of behavior should compel
In the same way Obama has relaxed the restrictions on the use of drones
Allowing signature strikes on suspected terrorists for their acts of terror to atone
The Justice Department needs to a signature legal strike launch
Seizing her server with a warrant as a first step in this pattern of quid pro quo staunch
Then on to the donors and speech hirers in search of what on the surface is a clear quid pro quo
Since lying to a federal agent is a felony, many if not all will reveal what they really know.
Bribery and corruption inherent with quid pro quo should in public office not belong
For her and Bill and the sake of the electoral process, although my instinct doubts it, I hope Clinton Cash was wrong
© April 27 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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