Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hawaii to Aloha Smoking Under 21?

Things in the Aloha state seem to be getting a little frosty
Hawaii may become the first state to ban smoking as too from a life standpoint costly
The age to legally buy cigarettes now at 18 will be raised to 21
In an effort to a war on tobacco use insure it has a chance of being won
Smoking is a deadly killer and in Hawaii 1,400 people annually are sent to an early grave
Almost 6,000 kids each year try smoking instead of enjoying surfing the waves
Most trying are under 19 and probably most quickly become addicted
Health issues, second hand smoke,  early deaths all too easily predicted
The idea of smoking in Hawaii seems so out of place
Tropical breezes blowing carcinogens into your face
You cannot buy alcohol until you turn 21
Smoking far more deadly, an expensive habit more people try to shun
One suggestion to the legislature and governor this poet would however make
The proposed law also results in 21 as the age in which one can first vape
Vaping without the tar and cocktail of carcinogens that smoking contains
Is far less damaging to the vaper and those near and should not be restrained
Hopefully, Hawaii will become the place to enjoy the beauty of a setting sun
With all those potential smokers forced to wait until they turn 21
© April 25 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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