Thursday, April 30, 2015

7,000 Starbucks Urns Hit by Glitch

When it comes to dealing with cyber war we Americans are a resilient lot
We have survived massive hacking of our records at Target when goods there we bought
We have survived a vicious cyber hack of Sony to force cancellation of a film parody
Believed to be engineered by the unbalanced North Korean tyranny
80 million accounts in the Anthem database were cyber hacked
Another 11 million accounts of Primera were also breached in a cyber attack
If you use a credit card it seems like the hacker is sitting at your side
No matter how hard you try to your information hide  
Though billions are now being spent to in cyber wars try to win
Our computer systems keep taking it on the proverbial chin
But finally on last Friday our collective patience came to a complete stop
Across the nation in 7,000 outlets we could no longer shop
Not because of a hack but a computer glitch
Barring us from an addiction impossible to unhitch
Starbucks somehow could no longer accept and consideration at its point of sale
Caffeine addicts seeking their fix were doomed to fail
Some outlets started to free coffee disburse
While at Starbuck’s the baristas at the IP department muttering a curse
The mark of a great company consistent with its product and service is how it responds
“All hands on deck” was the call and to the joy of caffeine lovers the glitch was fixed before dawn
What has happened to Starbucks should be a commerce wakeup call
A glitch like what happened to Starbucks could affect other companies one and all
We are increasingly by point of sale networks subject to computer links
Which if they fail could bring even the largest company to bankruptcy brink
In the same way in times of high gas prices, carriers add a fuel surcharge
Retailers in times of high hacking or glitches could add a fee to pay for a larger targe
© April 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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