Wednesday, April 15, 2015

While Secretary Hillary Thumbs Nose at Issa's Server Letter

The only thing most Americans have in common with Hillary is when she was washing dishes in Denali or gutting salmon during a summer in Valdez
Long hours or uncertain hours depending on the amount of fish, little time at a water cooler to shoot the political breeze
Smelly, distasteful but like a minimum wage job, it is a great incentive for one’s life to improve
At the cannery or in Denali she was probably surrounded by college kids
Not the homeless or the inner city lost souls down on the skids
What is amazing to this salmon seiner of six summers is that from the lessons Alaska can teach you she must have been immune
In Alaska fishing, mining, logging, trapping, guiding, bush piloting, or chasing the tourist buck to rely upon the feds is a sure path to ruin
You have to look to your own wits, strength, and spiritual inner core
Especially when the cruel winds of nature, mother or economic, flatten you to the floor
Then again maybe some lessons from Alaska and its people she did learn
A possible explanation of her excessive secrecy concerns
Alaska outside the few cities is known for people who want to get away
From the confinement of the law, neighbors, prying eyes, to be able to live their own way
The Clintons are the privacy and secrecy equivalents of Howard Hughes on the germaphobe front
Anything that impairs that secrecy or privacy is to them a personal major affront
If from Whitewater to Travelgate, the $100,000 sweetheart commodity options deal
It seems Hillary was brushed by scandals; no wonder she wants to conceal
From changing the White House phone system to the operators circumvent
To at State having her own email server to hide all public emails she sent
Now we find Issa hot on the Benghazi trail sent a letter out with a December 13 date
Asking her and other Secretaries questions about personal email account use while she was still Secretary of State
Questions that could have been answered with little effort before the requested date of response, January 7, 2015
But to have responded would not have been within her concealment scheme
Silence until she left on February 1 and then in March finally State only responded as to the policy employees were to follow
Once again her explanations of convenience of a private email server seem laughable and hollow
If only Issa would have issued a subpoena Hillary by her silence and then her server destruction
She might be facing a serious charge of justice obstruction
She is the alchemist of secrecy replacing the isolation of the Alaskan bush
With the private server to deflect any investigatory Congressional push
Hillary’s shiny new persona of the folksy, humble, van riding champion will soon be coated in rust
She is clearly a person that only the most rabid ideologue supporter could trust.
If she could conceal when a mere Secretary of State or private citizen imagine what she could do with Presidential power?
Protected once again by a handpicked Attorney General who any checks and balances would deflect aside ala Holder or devour.
The nightmare gets worse if she wears coattails to go with her pant suits
And Red majorities in the House or Senate or both the voters refute
© April 15, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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