Thursday, April 9, 2015

Academic Wolverine Chases PC Bear into Lair on American Sniper

Pound for pound in the wild a wolverine is fearless and will stand its ground
Even from bears and mountain lions that outweigh it by many pounds
So fitting that at Ann Arbor the teams go by the Wolverine name
When it comes to contests the image will never bring one shame
The academic wolverine this week was up against the PC bear
Coming up in PC protest from its lair
300 students from a campus of over 43 thousand signed a petition in protest
To a showing of American Sniper they wanted the University of Michigan to arrest
Chris Kyle was not a hero but a mass killer, a racist and in killing Muslims the act gave him great thrills
The students as Muslims felt unsafe because the media valued not their lives and the University drank this PC swill
Bowing to pressure of a minuscule group, the showing was revoked
With it another case of PC that free expression and discussion chokes
It surprises me like the radical Islamic cowards in Paris in the Charlie Hebdo attack that they did not demand
That the ticket takers, ushers, concessionaires, and projectionists be stoned or at least lose their hands
When under the guise of PC or false Islamaphobia free expression comes to a halt
A university loses its reason to exist in the pursuit of knowledge by default
Fortunately, this academic wolverine like its namesake in the wild
Reversed itself, joined by their feisty new  football coach whose language this PC group of 300 must have reviled
© April 9, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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