Friday, September 1, 2023

Stanford May Have to Join ACC on a Really Lousy Deal


Stanford alums on Stanford Athletic Department and ACC making nimrod comments
If college sports are now a business none of them in the SAD to SGSB or HBS went
More long distance flights burning costlier jet fuel
Big bodies crammed in coach hobbling their athletic tools
To avoid jet lag earlier departures to miss more school
In silicon valley startups with no revenue for 10 years rarely the rule
But in football waiting for 10 years is the sign of fools
Look for the climate change warriors on more carbon emissions be aghast
Boycott Cal and Stanford games to show their wrath
If this is a done deal and off to the ACC Cal and us must head
Time to end the gripping and find a silver lining instead
Stanford and its star players on rankings have suffered short shrift
With evening games East Coast sportswriters into sleep to often drift
But with ACC teams playing at Stanford games will be earlier and they will be awake 
And Stanford fans held hostage to the PAC 12 Network will no longer have to at a sports bar the game forsake
Lining is way too slender, but carping will not Stanford’s fortunes enhance
|Only a more rational Admissions office including transfers and more wins can we advance
The only contracts cast in stone were the ten 10 Commandments
A few winning seasons will not a renegotiation of the lousy deal prevent|
Starting today in the Aloha State to strip the Rainbow from the Warriors for a win
Make ending summer with an Aloha holiday football game to a winning season begin.
© September 1, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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