Sunday, September 24, 2023

Outrage over Standing Ovation for 98 Year Old Veteran of the 1st Galacian Division in Canadian Parliament Before Zelensky's Speech


My mother was a Canadian who emigrated here early in the World War II
Her two brothers served in Canada’s army and they fought the Germans and staying alive made it through
All three of them proud to be Canadian would be rolling in their graves
Two uncles who fought the Germans and a nurse who a naval hospital fought to patients save
That a member of the Waffen SS whose fellow members in France killed Canadian prisoners who had surrendered
And in the East butchered Jews so frequently that today their war crimes are still remembered
The 1st Galician Division was raised to fight the Soviets who before the war had starved millions of Ukrainians to death
Though formed as an SS Division it should not be compared to other SS Divisions guilty of war crimes in the same breath
Know not Yaroslav Hunka’s war record or that of his division on the Eastern Front against the Russian Bear
Only know he was vetted extensively before being allowed to in Canada immigrate there.
Before Jewish organizations lump the 1st Galician Division with the atrocities of other divisions of the SS
It would do well to remember at Bitburg Reagan’s honoring those buried there including the SS in his address.

© 9/24/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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