Saturday, September 2, 2023

In Texas Have a DUI and Kill a Parent Liable for Child Support Until Child Turns 18 or Graduates from High School Which Ever Last Occurs em


We all know the truism “if you drink don’t drive”
A good chance you damage your car, yourself and a crash may not survive
Arrested and spend time in jail and if you kill or injure someone a prison cell
If your job requires a license like nurse, doctor or lawyer loss of right to work
Texas has just added a further consequence to DUI’s that lurk
In Texas if a DUI kills  a parent of a minor child you are now on the hook for child support
Until the later to occur age 18 or a graduation from high school report
A noble goal when a parent is killed by a DUI but if the DUI to prison goes
Most prison jobs for cons pay very little dough
So the required payments accumulate while the DUI is in a cell
Then start no later than the first anniversary of release but finding a job how does the state compel 
Unless the DUI has assets to attach the law is merely a symbolic act
With most families today a paycheck away from insolvency dollars to support surviving will lack
But dollars do not insulate one from stupidity of drinking when going behind a wheel
If only a few have assets the law bringing in child support dollars is a good deal!
September 2, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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