Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Impeaching Biden Unless a Ton of Clear and Convincing Evidence of Impeachable Offenses Is Like Playing Political Russian Roulette


House Speaker McCarthy has announced a formal impeachment inquiry as the first step
To obtain ironclad evidence of Biden’s impeachable activity that he may well not have yet
With this nation facing all manner of problems the question of impeachment becomes
The political equivalent of walking while at the same time not being able to chew gum
Unless the evidence obtained is clear and convincing beyond a reasonable doubt
Filing articles of impeachment demanded by the Freedom Caucus  will be choosing the political suicide route
Even if clear and convincing with Trump still the likely candidate the Reds will name
The Senate Blues will not vote to convict and have their down ballot candidates impaired by Biden’s shame
Time spent on impeachment is time not spent on the border, crime, inflation and safety fears
Impeaching Biden when more and more for Biden it is likely a McConnell like moment will occur, only more severe
With an impending shutdown looming, impeachment will make it more difficult to some Blues to compromise steer
A record of solutions to our pressing problems passed but vetoed or stymied by the Senate must before voters appear
The Freedom Caucus needs to revisit what happened to the Red House Majority following their attempt to Clinton impeach
They had gone into the midterms expecting to pick up 20 seats to lose 5 not enough to the Blues a majority reach

© 9/13/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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