Thursday, September 28, 2023

Murrieta Woman Leaves Cell Phone in Store After Stealing $600 Worth of Goods Returns and Demands Phone Back Which Store Owner Says OK if Goods Are Returned --Woman Attacks and She and Her Shoplifting Cohort Are Jailed


On the retail crime front, in Murrieta, Kaydrianna Hall, 24, and Serenadi Banks, 19, were shop lifting in Premier Nails not shopping
Left with $600 worth of goods, into their car leaving but quickly stopping
On of them had left her cell phone in Premier Nails
Returned to demand her phone back but failed
Owner would hand over the cellphone if the stollen goods were given back
The phone owner was so outraged at losing her stolen goods the owner she attacked
Police caught up with the two
With stolen goods in plain view
Bail set at $5000 each probably for the assault not the shoplifting
Pretty dumb of her to the trade resisting
With the $950 hurdle to a charge of grand theft to be met
She could have continued on her less than $950 shoplifting ways and any chance of jail time forget
But the assault is a different matter
The D.A. might charge if the victim knocked to the ground and battered

© 9/28/2028 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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