Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Albania Reams Russia's Attempt to Zelensky's Anti-Russian Speech While More Reds Want to Reduce Military Aid to Ukraine


Albania once a loyal member of the Warsaw Pact
Launched into Russia’s adherence to General Assembly Rules it lacks
Zelensky’s speech to the UN Assembly was duly noted well in advance
If a fellow nation wanted to protest It had to done earlier or lose the chance
Russia failed to protest even though it must have known
That Zelensky would attack Russian Genocide as a case full blown
And to the genocide’s heinous curse
Blocking Ukrainian grain to feed the world was even worse
Zelensky must be fearful when he reads the tea leaves
That growing numbers of Reds want arms reduction to Ukraine achieve
Too many Americans have long forgotten the appeasement
In Czechoslovakia over the Sudetenland that was the green light to the Wehrmacht into Poland be sent
Had the French and Brits to Hitler’s demands said a collective Nein!
Britain and France in a game of arms catchup
Would have been better suited to deter an emboldened Hitler causing World War II to erupt
We may be stressed to continue to provide arms including those to in Russia land inside
With China beating the war drums on Taiwan waiting to see if our resolve subsides
If Russia does not suffer enough casualties to finally withdraw
But we do, do not be surprised if the Baltic Republics soon feel the wrath of the Russian Bear’s jaws and paws
As NATO members Article 5 would demand war which could go nuclear and humanity’s survival’s last straw
© September 20, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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