Saturday, September 30, 2023

Maher Leading the Chorus of Increasing Numbers of Blues Wanting Biden to From His Reelection Race Withdraw


In 1968 LBJ’s TV announcement that he would not seek reelection or accept a draft caught almost everyone in total surprise
LBJ justified intentions that his reelection was less important that bringing the divisive war in Vietnam to a demise
The Vietnam War was tearing us apart
McCarthy almost won the New Hampshire primary as a political upstart
But LBJ to even those closest to him seemed to be pedal to the metal to a second term win
To hint or even whisper he should not run for reelection would be castigated as a grievous political sin
Fast forward today unlike LBJ who was mentally alert and all energy cylinders running at full speed
We have a frail, stumbling, aging old man whose cognitive abilities are declining and have gone to seed
Even with Trump’s legal baggage and his negative numbers his chances are increasing he will win
Another fall, another McConnell like moment, never ending mental gaffs that cannot be concealed no matter how hard the spin
Now more and more voices from Blues are being heard
That the idea of an 82 year old in his condition starting a second term is absurd
Bill Maher is the latest to call on Biden to withdraw from his reelection race
Comparing his running to the damage caused by RBG’s refusal to resign and have Obama with a liberal SCOTUS Justice replace
If he does not and Harris remains on the ticket as his VP
More and more liberals believe a Red landslide they will really see
Unfortunately we may not see a déjà vu of 1968
As on October 9, 2023 RFK, Jr is expected to announce as a 3rd Party candidate
From the pool of Biden voters he will be a huge sucking sound
Almost certain guarantee Biden’s chances to win will crash down

© 9/30/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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