Sunday, September 24, 2023

Alarm Bells Should be ringing loud, long and clear at the DNC as Blue Mayors are Attacking Biden for the Waves of illegal aliens and gn


When Blue mayors start complaining that the tsunami of illegals is destroying their cities
And Biden and the feckless useless Border Czar has abandoned them without compassion or pity
The alarm bells at the DNC should be ringing loud, long and clear
The invasion of drugs and bogus asylum seekers will voters wanting to vote Red steer
Lifetime Blue voters seeing their towns over run with illegals who will city treasuries bankrupt
Are seething with anger that soon will at the voting booth in Blue rejection erupt
Biden if he wants any chance to remain in office to all asylum seekers he should the border close
Asylum should never be granted solely because the seeker is in poverty and suffering from economic woes
Main reason why the immigration judges’ backlogs continues to grow
Faster than cases can be resolved more on more bogus asylum claims are added to inflow
Making that an acceptable criteria would mean at least 1-2 billion clamoring to get here
Causing our quality of life and economic prosperity to quickly disappear
On this issue Biden can only put his head in the sand
Surfacing only long enough to blame Reds for not joining the Immigration Reform band
Biden is clueless of the resentment and anger of mere mortals on the border invasion
Just as he is oblivious that Bidenomics is a total failure despite his and the MSM’s otherwise persuasions

© 9/24/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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