Friday, September 22, 2023

Education Secretary and the Teachers' Unions Believe That They and They Alone Know What's Best For Kids Not Their ParentstThe


Across this nation parents are rising up to oppose CRT, transgenders in girls bathrooms and sports, gender affirming and online learning in elementary grades
Appearing at school board meeting to voice their opinions of what as parents they think is best for their kids only by school boards and teachers unions be degraded
Labelled by the DOJ as “domestic terrorists” the FBI should watch and intimidate
All the while test scores are sinking like rocks in accelerating rates
Our Education Secretary mouthing he welcomes discourse from parents with opposing views
With the teachers’ unions opposes the right of parents to performing schools for their kids choose
If one is a parent in a failing urban school which today is the norm
Hard to remain civil when the education received means from a better life being shorn
Add to the fact that Cardona and the teachers’ unions arrogantly feel they and they only know what for one’s kids is best
When falling test scores clearly show the schools are failing in a wide range of tests
No wonder charter schools and home schooling is on the rise
As parents looking at public schools despite massive funding are in an accelerating demise
If they can afford it even teachers unions’ officers pick private schools
While parents of lesser means have not that option and are dismissed as fools

© 9/22/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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