Monday, September 4, 2023

Jill Biden Despite Double Vaccines and Double Boosters Has Come Down With COVID


Who among us can remember the Covid warnings issued almost every day
That the pandemic was a pandemic of the unvaccinated coming their way
For those who questioned the safety or efficacy to the vaccine social media Censorship so we couldn’t hear what that had to say and attacked by academia
Schools closed, non-essential business closed, millions of jobs lost
On the education front thanks to the teachers’ unions we are still adding up the cost
Vaccine mania spread by Fauci’s warning alarm bells
Using not only persuasion but force to the need for vaccines sell
Police, firemen, doctors and nurses and the military lost their jobs
Whether for religious or health reasons their earning ability robbed
The news today sheds light what was a great economic and social harm
Jill Biden with twice vaccinated and boosted arms
Has tested positive for Covid-19
And is now in her Delaware beach house in quarantine
And Joe tested negative so to the White House will return
To praise his “Bideneconomics” that are causing us to crash and burn
Way too much inflation producing federal spending to keep the printing presses humming
That as sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow despite crippling rate hikes more inflation will be forthcoming
We hope her recovery is soon and the symptoms not severe
She’s the new poster child for the warning that vaccines will not stop COVI-19 when it decides to appear.

© September 4, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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