Saturday, September 2, 2023

Stung By His Lethargy on the Maui Fires Biden Was Johnny on the Spot Flying Today for 3 Hour Tour Without Meeting De Santis


Almost 6 months ago a train with toxic materials in its rail cars jumped the tracks
With tons of toxic chemicals to the soils and water attack
To lay waste to the Ohio small town of East Palestine
As the railroad company scrambled to the spread of the toxic chemicals to confine
But Biden never letting a photo op moment to go to waste
Promised a quick visit to see all was going well in quick haste
Then faded away to his Delaware beach
Away from the office so troubling issues cannot reach
The closest he ever got was to fly over at 35,000 feet
Going to Milwaukee at a green energy plant meet and greet
East Palestine is still suffering big time but the derailed cars have been removed
Not in the back ground to be in the photo about things he will have improved
Asked today when he would to East Palestine go
|Too busy with too many issues worldwide to the trip there slow
Biden is probably the first president who has not been 24/7 but rather 5-6/4-5
At 80 physically and a 100+ mentally he needs lots of naps and time off to survive
Stung by his Maui delay and lack of compassionate remarks
He and Jill were quick to from Air Force 1 in Florida disembark
DeSantis was in another part of the state to the 2 did not meet
Probably sick of another rendition of the lightning fire that almost cost him his wife, cat and Corvette

© 9/2/23 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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