Wednesday, September 13, 2023

RINO's Attempt To Use the 14th Amendment To Bar Trump From the New Hampshire Red Primary Fails


Trump’s election campaign has been under legal attack since he announced he would run
Given the animosity toward him by leftist Blues the 4 indictments, by 2 federal D.A.’s and 2 county D.A.’s should not us stun
But the latest attempt to obstruct his election should us really surprise
Reagan’s 11th Commandment among some Reds has suffered a fatal demise
“If political office one wishes to seek
Never ill will toward fellow Reds speak”
Some RINO’s in New Hampshire have seized upon the 14th Amendment
Even though not charged with insurrection and are trying to prevent
Trump’s name on the New Hampshire Red primary ballot from appearing
The morphing of this nation into a Banana Republic all of us should be fearing
The New Hampshire Secretary of State has told these RINO’s to pound sand
If Trump signs his declaration of candidacy under penalty of perjury and pays the $1,000 fee his name on the ballot will stand
Sadly, the politization of Lady Justice at the federal and state level is a growing disturbing  trend
Posing a grave threat to our democracy if it does not quickly come to an end

© 9/13/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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