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September 27, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


             On the Republican Primary front 7 dwarfs without Asa Hutchison were on stage at the Reagan Library with viewers wishing that in addition to Reagan’s 11th Commandment not to speak ill will of a fellow Republican, that he had a 12th Commandment that one in a debate among Republicans that one would not interrupt or speak over a fellow Republicans that occurred almost constantly tonight. Pence was more animated but basically never answered the questions poised to him. De Santis was touting his record; Haley was probably the winner and Scott while he was much more energized probably will not advance in the polls; Christie excoriated Trump for not being there to defend his record and said if he continued to pursue that course he would be known as “Donald Duck” not Donald Trump; Ramaswamy was hyper charged and forcibly advocated an end to military aid to Ukraine and Burgum touted his record as an entrepreneur creating jobs (sadly unless some more indictable offenses against Trump appear, a Don Quixote moment for those seeking the presidential nomination but not so if the quest was for a VP slot).
            On the Trump campaign front, Trump was in Clinton Township, Michigan speaking before a crowd of autoworkers pledging that if elected the future of the automobile will be “Made in America” and justified his absence with a 56 point lead and Biden’s push for more EV’s that will destroy a large number of UAW jobs. Responded to Christie by saying anyone who comes up with a “Donald Duck” nickname is not fit to be running for president.
              On the slob front, the Senate after being accused of lowering dress code standards to slob level, unanimously reinstated business attire the requirement when on the Senate floor, sending Fetterman’s Hoody, shorts and tennis shoes back to his closet.
              On the attacking members of the press, Shellyne Rodriguez a former Hunter College professor who was fired by the college for threatening a reporter with a machete and was arrested for a 3rd degree misdemeanor has been hire as an adjunct professor at the Cooper Union School of Art, teaching a 3 credit sculpture course.
             On the retail icon front, Oscar Meyer 4 months ago rebranded its famous Weinermobile the “Frankmobile” which sounds like a congressional mailing privilege or a terse no holds barred speech but quickly as opposed to the Bud Light fiasco recognized  it error and the Weinermobile is back on the streets. 
             On the substitution front, Red Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee is stepping in as the Arizona Governor for less than 24 hours due to the mysterious disappearance of Katie Hobbs but will not fill any of the 13 positions that need legislative approval while Hobbs is absent from the state.
             On the retail crime front, Philadelphia, the City of Brazen Looting endured a peaceful protest over a judge dismissed murder charges against a white police officer who shot and killed a black resident Edie Irizarry which was followed by unrelated looting of high end stores several hours later. In Oakland small business owners on crime are at the end of their rope and some 200 small businesses in protest are going on strike some for the entire day and others unable to bear the cost for 2 hours before noon. When will Newsom and the Blue dominated legislature lower the $950 hurdle to qualify as the grand theft felony?
             On the homeless front, urban cities are plagued with tent cities with drug use, urine and feces but in Denver, Jon Caldara, the president of the Independence Institute, outraged over the feces in front of his business scooped it up and deposited on the steps of city hall with this message “This is a present from the homeless to the people who have kept this homeless problem going.”  
              September 27, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
              Noted Holidays:  National Corned Beef Hash Day claimed by the Hormel Foods Company but a recipe for this dish could be found in WWII reporter Betty Watson’s 1943 cookbook Cooking Without Cans. Very easy to celebrate by making some corned beef hash and then eating it. For those who would prefer not opening a can, here is a simple recipe that even the worst cook could not blow it:
              Word of the Day: The word of the day is “avinosis” which means to airsickness which those little bags in the pouch in front of you are useful for.
              Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 1979 was “My Sharona” by The Knack on  a run  of 6 weeks to share number 1 status with 21 other songs achieving number 1 ranking while 10 acts, including The Knack, achieved number one status for the first time.  Here is a video recording with lyrics of The Knack performing “My Sharona”:
            September 27 Birthdays: “The Scream Queen Going Mainstream”—Jenna Ortega, born on this day in 2002 in Coachella Valley, California  who expressed a desire to become an actress at age 6 and after her mother procured an agent was auditioning for parts soon after and was cast in her first movie in 2012 to become a sought after child actress to become an adult actress with several films in production or planned such that she will probably never again wish she had become a soccer player as opposed to an actress.
              September 27  Historical Events in Rhyme
              1.      On this day in 2019, a week after 4 million protested and struck on the need to climate change address/2 million people in 2400 locations on the planet marched to protest the lack of the need to confront climate change stress/The protestors believed that climate change was to humanity an existential threat/But absent from the protests and marches was a major carbon emitter China to reduce carbon emissions not ready yet/China from the climate change warriors gets a free pass/Oblivious to the fact that any reductions by the U.S. and the West will not last/Erased by the increase in carbon emission from China’s increasing coal plants/As party of the CCP’s focused quest to economically, politically and militarily the U.S. supplant.  
              2.      On this day in 1998 Google retroactively declared it to be its birth date/In searching for data searchers had almost no time to wait/Became the gold search standard, the browser of choice/But lately in elections Google was charged under the guise of misinformation silencing conservative voices/Now this tech giant is facing the wrath of the FTC/As it is being sued for being a monopoly.
              3.      On this day in 1975/5 terrorists shot by firing squad did not survive/Large scale protests followed and 15 European nations withdrew their ambassadors/After their deaths executions in Spain would occur no more/2 months later the autocratic dictator Francisco Franco died/A constitution was soon revived that except in rare cases the death penalty denied/In 2012 the Basque Government found that the 2 executed Basque terrorist’s convictions were illegally obtained/And compensation to the families of the 2 Basques was attained.
              4.      On this day in 1962 the mosquitoes were flapping their wings with joy/A new environment sheriff was in town to slow the use of insecticides to deploy/Rachel Carson published her earth shattering Silent Spring/ Which would launch a crusade to protect the environment and a new federal agency Environmental Protection bring/With the use of DDT curtailed the Pelicans could now lay eggs thick enough not to break their shells/But malaria raised its deadly head turning tropical and semitropical areas of the planet into a  deadly malaria Hell.
              5.      On this day in 1956 a Bell X-2 Rocket Plane was from a B-50 dropped/to see if the plane would Mach 3 speed top/It did and speeding at 3.2 Mach it started to make a banking turn to prevent it from its landing site going past/Then seconds later his controlled smooth flight would not last/Went into an uncontrolled violent spin that was a death trap/The ejection capsule was ejected carrying the pilot USAF Captain Milburn Rapt/But disabled by the spinning he could not from the capsule leave/Could not open his parachute to his safety from death achieve.
              Quotes on the detachable capsule of the Bell X-2
              New York Times quoting Lieut. Col. Frank K. Everest, an experienced X-2 pilot,:  “Colonel Everest told reporters in Buffalo that a pilot using the detachable device would be thrown against the instrument panel with terrific force when the parachute braked it. He said some safety had been sacrificed in preference to delaying the X-2 flight tests while the escape mechanism was modified.”
              Scott Crossfield, NASA test pilot: “way to commit suicide to keep from getting killed.”

© September 27, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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