Friday, September 22, 2023

Given the Likelihood of Biden Having a McConnell Moment When Does the DNC Start Putting Insurance Candidates of the Ballots?


Joe Rogan that very popular podcaster intimated for RKK, Jr. he would vote
But with the DNC opposed to his candidacy the chances of being able to do so are remote
He might make it on the ballots  but having with Biden a debate not a chance
If Biden is in an unscripted debate voters would see how far is mental impairment had advanced
If the New Hampshire Primary true to tradition is the first to be occur
And growing concern over Biden’s age and mental fitness an upset might be insured
And aping Gene McCarthy’s near win in 1968
The wheels will go off the Biden campaign and withdrawal will be his fate
But if the DNC gets its way and has Nevada and South Carolina cast the first votes
The chances of RFK, Jr. getting enough votes to force a withdrawal are remote
If the DNC is looking ahead at the calendar it will have qualified Harris and Newsom as insurance backups in all 50 states
A withdrawal after an large showing might not leave enough time to qualify others to be served on the voters’ plate
Biden’s age and mental impairment are a ticking time bomb that will likely explode
That will blow him off the attempt for reelection road
Better for the DNC to listen to the polls of Blues and Indies that do not want Biden to run
Delaying any acts until a McConnell like moment occurs, guarantees the Blues from the White House will be shunned

© 9/22/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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