Monday, September 11, 2023

Use a Gun In a Crime and You Will Go to Jail Point a Gun at a Resident in Florida and Your Life Just Failed


We are rightfully outraged when we hear or read of victim shot and killed
By someone intent on a robbery and the victim not quick enough to open the till
Or someone in a car when another driver spirals into a deadly road rage
And pulls out a gun to with shots the victims engage
Or victim in a place of worship or a school
Shot with others by a person mentally ill or with hate to his anger fuel
When a politician sees death by gunshot
After the compulsory thoughts and prayers too often stricter gun control is sought
Several types of death by gunshot rarely the news or front page make
A shooter of color and a victim of color so common rarely any report to rate
Unless the shooter is white or regardless of color a cop
Front page news as the outrage erupts and a riot of looting and burning ensues and is so hard to stop
The other shooting that seems to be more often happening each day
As draconian barriers to permits on conceal and carry are eroding away
Is the shooting by a good man with a gun in self-defense
Against a bad man with a gun wanting to use it in a criminal offense
On Fox the news was reported that an ex-boyfriend broke down a woman’s front door
She screamed for him to leave, a demand he chose to ignore
Started to beat her yet somehow she was able to her family text
Her brother soon arrived intent to the ex-boyfriend eject
He pulled his handgun at the brother and pointed it at his chest
The brother who was packing drew and quickly fired
Two shots that hit the ex-boyfriend who quickly expired
The story will never see the light of day in the MSM because the guns must be controlled narrative it does not fit
In this crazy world one cannot rely on over worked cops to respond quick enough for any danger to quit
The sheriff in the county when the woman lived said it best
As he announced no charges—Point a cocked gun at someone and you are looking at rounds in the chest.

© 9/11/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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