Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ayanna Presley Blind to the Illegals, Deaf to Officials' and Residents' Pleas and Brain Useless to the Dangers Comprehend Doubles Down to Claim Border Is Secure


We should have compassion for those who are hit with the one two punch of being deaf and blind
But how should we feel when there is the suffering trifecta of deaf, blind and having lost one’s mind?
In the case of Ayanna Presley who on the border suffers from all three we have nothing but contempt
Who on securing the border she bashes and belittles any attempt
She keeps intoning that the border is secure and asylum is a human right
In her delusional mind having a nation is upon humanity a severe blight
Her corollary to all animals are equal but pigs are more equal is defined
All migrants are equal but asylum claimers for any reason go to the head of the line
If illegals after claiming asylum are released and let go
Then the CBP is doing what it should by speeding up the release flow
Hard to argue with an idiot whose view of reality is distorted beyond belief
And cares not one whit that her views are on us and her constituents imposing a world of grief
Blind to the flood of illegals, deaf to the pleas of towns’ social services out of money forced to end
Mind totally clogged with plague so the damage it cannot comprehend
Time to send bus after bus to her district crammed with illegals to the gills
And whether due to crime, drugs, overflowing shelters, bankrupt ER’s and schools will the border remain secure still?
When the homeless start being evicted so illegals can them replace
In the coming election watch this idiot go down in flames in her 2024 race

 © 9/28/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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