Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Pennsylvania High School Students Walk Out To Protest School Board Not Banning Male Transgenders from Entering Women's Bathrooms


On the issue of transgender males competing in sports as females
That is an issue clear cut that the equity and diversity warriors are doomed to fail
Biological males who have gone through puberty have more muscle for strength and speed
And larger lungs and heart to transmit to the cells the air and energy food a body needs
The girls who relish in their privacy do not want to in locker rooms undress
In front of a male transgender with organs intact and an erection trying to suppress
In the case of bathrooms where transgenders and women can both use at the same time
With no urinals and toilets behind locked doors the male organs would not be in a woman’s sight line
But still she may feel uncomfortable and invaded with a male in the next door stall
Jerking off with the idea of ladies so close that “she” would like to ball
So the news that a high school in Pennsylvania walked out of class to protest
Transgender males packing male organs sharing women’s bathrooms thinking now is the time to molest
Is a great sign that the transgender agenda is being pushed down our kids throats who want to resist
The false idea that  gender identification trumps the identity of the two sexes that today really exist

©  9/18/2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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