Thursday, September 14, 2023

Writers Strike or No Writers Non Writers on the Show Need Paychecks and Real Time Must Go On


As the Writers’ Guild Strike continues with no end in sight
Maybe the first sign of crumbling of support is now in sight
Bill Maher the host of “Real Time” after expressing his love for writers
Indicated that the show must go on and the strike cannot remain a blighter
His show will air but not segments needing writers like his monologue, desk piece, and "New Rules"
He admits his show may not be as good without writers but still will have worth watching jewels
The heart of the show is the off the cuff panel discussion with no B.S.
Maher and his panel should not need writers to issues of the day address
The writers have sympathy but how about all non-writers needed to put on the show?
Not being paid and watching their savings without paychecks melting on a hot day like snow
Not sure who will be on his panels and if any will refuse to a symbolic picket line cross
But given Maher’s personality and barbs at left and right toss
Doubt that there will be a significant amount of viewers lost
If other talk shows follows Maher’s lead writers may begin to feel further strike is not worth the cost
Maher’s ability with barbs at the left leave conservatives in a happy surprise
Very pleased to see that “Real Time” will not continue its state of demise

© 9/14/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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