Tuesday, September 19, 2023


One thing in foreign relations should be crystal clear
In dealing with thugs like Iran if any sign of weakness should appear
They will unleash the dogs of terroism without any response from us to fear
When they turn their guns on their own citizens from the mullahs only a stone deaf ear
Masha Amini arrested by the Morality Police
Was beaten so badly by blows to her head that did not cease
Into a coma and from her fashion wearing beating soon died
The mullahs on the cause of death quickly lied
A heart attack by a young woman in perfect health no one believed
While Iranians in the country and youths around the world grieved
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was allowed to his antisemitic and western hatred spew
Calling on the world to join him to insure Israeli rule in Palestinian land soon be through
The oft repeated diatribe was too much for the Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan  who stormed out of the hall while Raisi was giving his speech
After raising a photo of the murdered Amini to the world the brutality of the mullahs teach
For that sense of outrage revealed Gilad Erdan was detained
Even if quickly released the outrage over the UN’s acts could not be restrained

© 9/19/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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