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September 20, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


             On the Hunter Biden Burisma Scandal Front, Merrick Garland is being grilled by the House Judiciary Committee, refusing to answer such questions as why did you let the failure to report Burisma income on your taxes? to instead refer them to David Weiss. Garland is being referred to as the “head of the snake” with calls for his impeachment (Given the fact that he was in a major snit fit with Reds for not having the Senate vote on his confirmation and harbors to this day an unsatiable thirst for revenge, he never should have been put in a position to implement that revenge).
              On the Republican primary front, despite the legal baggage of 4 indictments and moves by Blue elected officials to ban Trump from their primary ballots for supporting insurrection which he has not been charged with nor obviously convicted, Trump leads 60% among Red voters compared to De Santis at 13%, Ramaswamy at 11% and Haley in 4th but still in double digits. The Red’s problem will remain in the general that to win, Trump if he is the nominee will need large numbers of Indies to support his candidacy. But he is skipping the 2nd debate to visit striking UAW workers an act which Biden so far has refused to do.
              On the 1st Amendment Separation of Church and State Front, the state of New Jersey is bringing legal action against the town of Ocean Grove for closing its beaches on 12 Sundays until noon so the residents can go to church. If the beaches were closed because they were rented out to hold a beach church service for attendees that might be permissible but closing the beaches preventing people not wanting to attend church services seems to be a violation of the 1st Amendment.
            On the crime front and the need to be packing yesterday on Ridley's Believe It Or Not I brought readers news of a carjacking of Aston Martin as it was being driven into a man’s home garage in Westport, Connecticut. The need to be packing in Chicago is alive and well as surveillance video shows two cars crossing lanes of traffic to block an idling car at night from moving and with a gun drawn, drag the driver out and all three cars speed away in less than 2 minutes, leaving the driver face down in the street while cars passed by probably oblivious to the carjacking.
             On the housing affordability front, the Fed at its September meeting elected not to raise the Federal Discount Rate which means home mortgages will not rise but if anything there is not a reduction in the future with possibly a 25 basis point increase in November which means high mortgage rates will continue making it harder to purchase homes given the higher mortgage loan interest rates.
              On the homeless front, Blue Sacramento D.A. Thein Ho has filed a civil suit against Blue run Sacramento for allowing the 250% increase in the homeless in Sacramento that “allowed, created and enabled a public safety crisis regarding our unhoused" in the 16 major homeless tent cities that exist in Sacramento which according to the law suit has more homeless than San Francisco.
              On the transgender marketing disaster front, Bud Light sales are still down 30% and show no sign of rebounding but the hundreds of employees laid off due to the sales slump are blaming Anheuser Busch not for the association with Dylan Mulvaney but rather for the company not doubling down on their decision and support Dylan Mulvaney. The problem for Bud Light all the new slick commercials of football fans with their Bud Light  cans are trumped by Kid Rock blasting away at a row of Bud Light cans with an AR-15.
            On the strike front, the Writers Guild Association and the studios have returned to the bargaining table and on the UAW strike front, Ford has settled with the Canadian UAW but on the negative side, GM has announced  2,000 strike related layoffs and Stellantis will be laying off 380 workers shortly. The union is demanding a pay increase of 40% and a 32 hour work week while the Big 3 are proposing 20%. The UAW must be oblivious to the fact that such proposals may render the Big 3 unable to effectively compete with nonunion auto plants and imports from overseas.
            On the malaria front which kills some 600,000 people a year, thanks to the drug artemisinin derived from the wormwood plant, in Bangladesh from 2008 to 2020 malaria cases have declined by 93% but before the corks could be popped a new malaria strain resistant to the drug has popped up in Myanmar which unfortunate soon find its way into Bangladesh.
             September 20, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: National Gibberish Day: Clueless who created this day or when it was created but today its most well-known down practitioner of nonsensical speech or gobbledygook is none other than the word salad queen—VP Kamala Harris.
             Word of the Day: The word of the day is  “aurilave” which is an instrument for cleaning the ear which is an absolute necessity if one has excessive ear wax and wears hearing aids that when coated with ear wax do not function well.
              Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 1986 was  “Stuck With You” by Huey Lewis and the News on a run of 3 weeks to share number 1 status with 29 other songs achieving number 1 ranking while 20 acts achieved  number one status for the first time.  Here is a video recording with lyrics of Huey Lewis and the News performing “Stuck With You”:
               September 20 Birthdays: “A Christian in the Den of Media Lions”—Ainsley Earhardt, born on this day in 1976 in Spartenburg, South Carolina to become a reporter for CBS affiliate WTLX while still in college and then off to San Antonio in 2005 to become a  weekday morning and noon anchor newscast anchor for KENS TV where she found time to sky dive from the Air Force Academy and fly in the back seat with the Golden Knights. An author of 3 children’s books she has been with Fox since 2007 and currently is a co-host of Fox and Friends. She is believed to be in a dating relationship with Fox’s Sean Hannity.
              September 20  Historical Events in Rhyme
              1.     On this day in 2019 4 million people  around the world engaged in climate change strikes and protests/Calling on governments and industry to the increase in carbon emissions arrest/The largest protest in the history of the planet but as expected one nation was MIA/China pedal to the metal to coal power plants build had no official events  only a few students picking up trash on display/If we are to fight climate change it has to be the hands of all nations on deck/China and India not joining in to the max will any progress of the U.S. and other industrialized nations will be wrecked.
              2.     On this day in 2017 Hurricane Maria after hitting Dominica as a CAT 5/Made landfall as an upper end CAT 4 in Puerto Rico leaving behind 2975 victims who did not survive/It was the deadliest and costliest hurricane in the 21st Century/Coming just 2 weeks after Irma, with some $90 billion in damages, huge hits on insurers’ and Puerto Rico’s treasury/Massive outages of electrical power/ Unrestored for many months leaving many in the dark to cower.
               3.      On this day in 2011 the U.S. Military ended its “don’t ask, don’t tell”/No longer would gay and lesbians live in the fear of the dishonorable discharge hell/The blood of a lesbian or gay is red/Not some other color instead/Like straights they should be allowed to in the military without discrimination serve/Given the growing dangers we face around the world a welcome to all willing to fight to our freedom preserve.
              4.      On this day in 2001 with the attacks of 9/11 etched in peoples’ minds/ President Bush declared a “War on Terror” wherever its forces we could find/We demanded the Taliban to us Osama bin Laden surrender/They refused and on October 18, 2001 we started bombing Taliban defenders/In December we fought the battle of Bora Bora hot on Osama’s trail/Came close to capture but in the end failed/Bush with his War of Terror then squandered his political capital to in the search for Hussein’s nonexistent WMD’s/Invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003 to overthrow Hussein and declare on May 1 victory/A claim that would soon prove most hollow/Due to his War on Terror another more deadly terrorist group ISIS would quickly follow.
              5.      On this day in 1971/After making landfall in Nicaragua  the day before Hurricane Irene was not done/It crossed into the Pacific to as its Hurricane status was restored/Now named Olivia the first recorded hurricane spawned in the Atlantic to cross into the Pacific to dissipate on Baja California’s shores.
              Quote on the War on Terror by Joel Richardson and Susan Crimp, authors Of Why We Left Islam: “President Bush and others are dead wrong when they say that Islam is a great and peaceful faith that has been hijacked by a few extremists. In fact, Islam is a vile and violent faith that establishes extremism and that has been hijacked by the pretend Muslims who, by their own human decency, have given this barbaric superstition the appearance of legitimacy to the uninformed.”
© September 20, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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