Monday, September 11, 2023

Jets Win In Overtime After a Bill Drive That Fails to Score a TD Punts and the Jets Return It For a TD.


In a long awaited football game on  Monday Night
Aaron Rogers’, the Jets QB savior, first game to take them on their Super Bowl flight
But in an early first quarter Bills to Roger’s ankle would render a  blow
In a not to return to the sidelines limping he would go
X-rays were negative but concern he suffered an Achilles tendon tear
If true he may be out for the season for surgery and time to repair
But without their savior the Jets rallied to up their ante to play
Tenacious defense and key interceptions to display
A Wilson to Wilson in the end zone impossible catch
To a tie from the jaws of defeat to snatch
5 minutes left in the 4th Quarter, in football an eternity
To suffer the pain of coming close against the Bills then fold for a Bills’ victory
But a fumble by Allen after the snap for the Jets to recover
Two plays and Bills on 3rd, and inches with a OB sneak a first down discover
2 minute warning can the Jets score a winning T.D?
Or run the clock down to seconds left and kick a 3
Bills with time outs the running down of the clock
With only seconds run off block
Get the ball back after a Jets’ 3
With more than enough time to score a T.D.
Bills advance
To improve their field goal chance
A pass on the sidelines caught but offensive pass interference called
With 35 seconds left the drive looks stalled
But the Bills manage to reach the 30 yard line but passes incomplete mean they will not further near
Bass had a 50 yard attempt to into overtime the game steer
Hits the left goal post but across the goal line the ball falls in
Into overtime we must go to see who will win
The Bills get the ball after winning the coin toss
A TD ends the game with a Jets’ loss
But the vaunted Bills offense goes three and out
Jets Xavier Gipson ran the punt back for 6 to shut the Bills’ lights out 
Fans hope that Rogers is not out for the season but tonight gave the Jets’ fans reason to cheer
The team has the talent and motivation to in the playoffs once again appear.

© 9/11/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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