Thursday, March 31, 2022

Jada Thinks Rock Joke Is Funny Smith with His Slap Embarasses His Honey?


 At the Oscar viewers must have sighed in relief
No Zoom videos of Peen  smelting his Oscars to express his grief
As his country is bravely fighting the Russians staving off doom
President Zelensky was not asked to plea for aid via Zoom
Attendees checking their goody bags to see if they totaled 130K
Then to see real outrage and drama come into play
Will Smith outraged that Chris Rock had made a joke about G.I. Jane
That Jada Smith with her bald head could do a sequel with great fame
Smith stood up and quickly walked up and sucker slapped him in the face
Then spewed F* Bombs on live TV and was not by a spineless Academy ejected from the place
Worse later in the show for his King Richard role an Oscars
That the Academy Members voted his performance as pure bosker
A tearful apology for striking Rock and the damage to Rock and King Richard cast and staff it may have caused
Like Pavlovian dogs to a high powered Hollywood star a standing ovation showing Hollywood is flawed
Jada Smith is an adult and has faced her alopecia with class
The last thing she needed was a husband making a fool out of himself like a horse’s ass
One of the videos shows her laughing at Chris Rocks joke
Probably shocked to wrath that Will chose to invoke
Earth to Academy Smith must control of emotions leading to angry physical attacks learn
Needs to complete a year or so of anger management classes before allowed to the Awards return
And attendees need to accept when behavior is an outrage they sit on their hands
Not to glorify it with an ovation as they as one choose to stand
© March 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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