Thursday, March 31, 2022

What a Pair Biden with His Gaffes and Mental Lapses and Harris with Cackles and Salad Speak


The Bobbsey Twins at the “head” of our government when without a teleprompter speak
All too often  comes across as an oral delivery from a cast of freaks
Biden is famous for his gaffes
That used to provoke “he’s just being Joe” and producing laughs
Now coupled with lapses that are not momentarily as he struggles to words find
Growing concern that dementia is rapidly  taking over what’s left of his mind
Harris when speaking and confronted with an issue she does not comprehend
To conceal her ineptness breaks into cackles and chuckles that do not quickly end
Or she unleashes a stream of words thinking the sheer number will also conceal
the fact that she’s not prepared or her mental ineptness will reveal
Her estranged father thanks to the ruling of an Oakland family law court
That awarded full custody to her mom to his rights other than paying child support abort
George Harris her father is a legal immigrant from Jamaica and an esteemed Emeritus Economics Professor from Stanford
When he heard media comments on her Covid-19 Jamaica speech that it was “salad speak” he must have been floored
A bitter custody battle followed by a father from his children still paying support but in from their lives depart mode
Can in so many times be symptoms of a bitter ex-wife infected with a severe Parent Alienation Syndrome load
Can’t speculate how different she might be had an intelligent loving father been around
Might have been a damper on her leftist leaning ideas that seem most unsound
© March 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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