Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Will Smith Sucker Punches Chris Rock to Civility Mock Anger Management to Future Outbursts Block


The Academy Awards on life support due to ratings falling like a rock
But this year viewers in the venue and on TV received a startling shock
Already Sean Penn had been ranting that if Zelenskyy was not invited by Zoom
He was going to smelt his Oscars in public in a support protest to liven up the room
For many of the attendees who were not in rags and financially secure
Slams for Goody bags worth more than 130K they had to endure
The program was shortened  to remove 8 lesser awards from  the stage
Viewers wondering if they would see the tired, old Woke leftist rage
Chris Rock appeared to give out an Oscar for a documentary
Wondering perhaps if Penn was going to turn the venue into a smeltery
In Rock fashion that comedy is king
Can only help ratings when laughter it brings
tastelessly joked about Jada Pinkett Smith doing a G.I. Jane sequel
She’s bald like Moore with seal shaved head and the joke did not fit well
Out of his seat to walk up to Rock
And civility and proper conduct mock
Will sucker slapped him hard and returned to his seat
Launched a few F* bombs about mouths we should not repeat
Winning an Oscar for King Richard  does not his chivalry enhance
His conduct the cause of unjustified violence to advance
A sincere apology does not the assault excuse
He needs a large dose of anger management and without it his future attendance should be refused
© 3/30/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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