Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Biden's SOTUS Was Merely Empty Words Buying Russian Oil So Absurd


Hearing Biden’s State of the Union Speech
It’s easy to see how far the Progressives into his agenda reach
Like most Americans the Progressives claim they stand with Ukraine
Hedge a bit on Biden’s sanctions because the wealth of the oligarchs they don’t drain
May hurt the ordinary Russians who are brave enough to protest against Putin in the streets
Ignoring the fact that until more Russian body bags come home by the thousands Putin won’t retreat
But silent on the absence of one sanction that would directly hit Russia’s pocket book
That calls into question the wisdom of the sanctions chosen by Biden took
With gas prices going through the roof and domestic oil production curtailed
Idiotically we are having to import Russian oil to insure the sanctions fail
The adverse impact of the left’s Green New Deal keeps getting worse
The left is blind to the dirtier natural gas from Russia curse
Natural gas from Russia emits more carbon by at least 40+ percent
While cleaner less carbon emitted American natural gas cannot  to Europe be sent
It’s easy for Biden to have said we with the Ukrainians stand
But not send them the anti-missiles and Iron Dome to be able to bombing and missiles withstand
While the miles long Russian convoy is strung out on a road like a sitting  duck
Where are the drones and cruise missiles to raise havoc and run amok?


© March 2, 2022  The Alaskanpoet

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