Thursday, March 24, 2022

End the Russian Ukraine Invasion or World Blows Its Starvation Prevention Gasket


Ukraine is a major producer of the world’s wheat crop
What will happen to the harvest if the Russian invasion is not stopped?
Hard to believe with almost 4 million Ukrainians turned into refugees
And for their safety from Russian war crimes  have had to flee
The wheat crop will be harvested and packed for export
When able bodied Ukrainians are needed for defenses against the Russians support
To no one’s surprise Biden warned the inflation vultures are coming home to roost
Higher fertilizer costs here mean smaller harvests to higher prices boost
Stalin in the 30’s embarked on a Ukraine starvation quest
Then only Kulaks but now the world if Russian aggression we don’t arrest
We and NATO must increase the weapons flow
Increase natural gas exports to Europe to add to Putin’s financial woes
Each day the war goes on and Russian casualties continue to rise
Russian soldiers morale will crater over their wasted demise
If the world no longer provided anchorage for Russian oligarchs’ regal expensive yachts
And these floating palaces and Swiss bank accounts were seized how long before Putin is shot?
No more distinction or splitting hairs whether a weapon is defense or for offense
We must arm the Ukrainians with what they need and spare no expense
© 3/24/22 The Alaskanpoet

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