Wednesday, March 23, 2022

How to Stop a War Criminal By Going Beyond Merely Calling Him One


By any definition it should be crystal clear that Putin is guilty of war crimes
But what deterrence will that charge engender for someone who reeks of inhumanity slime?
Calling Putin a war criminal for his missile, bombing and shelling against innocent civilians attack
Will have about as much deterrent or behavioral modification as water off a duck’s back
There is only one thing that will cause slimes like Putin to alter course
And that is overwhelming and deadly and accurate force
He will understand if cities are protected by Iron Domes
To intercept most attacks on hospitals, schools, factories and homes
He will understand if Ukrainian skies are full of killer drones and surplus Mig 29’s
He will understand that attacking well-armed Ukrainians will be a killing Russians time
Since Russians must be not only halted but pushed back
Ukrainians will need more armor, cruise missiles and artillery to support their attacks
The world cannot wait until Ukraine cities are demolished dead zones
That Russians cause death from distance so a flood of body bags are not sent home
We are fearful that he will use chemical weapons or tactical nukes to face try to save
Sadly he must have memories of Obama and Biden’s nerve gas redline when Assad sent thousands to their graves
The red line in the sand was blown away
Even as the nerve gas was still potent to slay
Why should Putin expect that Biden has acquired some spine
And his threats double sanctions be any different this time?
© 3/23/22 The Alaskanpoet

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