Thursday, March 24, 2022

Is Putin Quaking Over Biden Threat To Respond in Kind to Russian Chemical Weapons Attack

Biden as Vice President and foreign policy expert must have been in the Situation Room
Following the chemical weapons attacks by Assad on Syrians bringing death and gloom
Must have urged Obama to on chemical weapons further use drew a red line in the sand
Further use of chemical weapons against his own people would mean U.S. military action would be at hand
For months Assad returned to the ranks of humans civilized
Then in 2013 the conflict with nerve gas weaponized
The red line in the sand was blown away
Obama caved and the jets were held at bay
Nine years later as more and more intel
Indicating that Putin is going in Ukraine unleash a chemical weapons Hell
Biden warns the Russians if chemical weapons are used we will respond in kind
Doubt if Putin is quaking or fearful as the Obama Redline in the Sand warning he must have in mind
If we respond how do we do that with chemical weapons we give to the Ukrainians to use?

Do we launch cruise missiles against sites in Russia for chemical weapons cruise missiles Russia choose?
Or more likely this is more of the “Red Line in the Sand” that Putin will believe to be a Biden bluff
And know Biden will not with an in kind response respond to Putin’s chemical weapons guff
We can only pray in the Kremlin there are military generals who are sane
And do not wish Russia and the world be destroyed in Putin’s invasion that looks more and more insane
© March 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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