Saturday, March 5, 2022

Russian Oil Imports Killing Ukrainian Civilians and Biden Refuses to Ban


When it comes to outrage and the need to isolate the Bear the sports world is stepping up to the plate
Private enterprise in this country and around the world is on their business in Russia seeking to abate
Shipping companies are refusing to Russian cargo ship and longshoremen will refuse to load or unload
Russia from international currency transactions blocked but Russian oil to the U.S. still flowed
On not banning Russian oil imports, Biden must be totally blind
Or of what little is still functioning has lost his mind
Russian oil sales turn into missiles, rockets and shells
Attacking civilians and turning Ukrainian cities into humanitarian Hell
But this Green New Deal warrior seems hell bent
To insure domestic oil production reduced to U.S. markets to be sent
Russia’s invasion without oil and gas sales will slow and come to an end
Bogged down in fighting more Russian body bags to Russia to send
Reds and Blues in the Congress must pass a veto proof law that Biden must sign
Not one more drop of Russian oil must reach our shores to be refined
It would be too much to hope that the Progressive Greeners will also accept
Fossil fuels need to be  a bridge to the future green energy reliance precept
And replace Russian imports with oil drilled here
As soaring gas prices’ inflation effects we all should fear

© March 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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