Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sean Penn In a Booker Like Spartacus Ape Will "Smelt" his Oscars If Zelenskyy Not Zoomed In To Address the Celebs


When it takes having a photo op moment to support a worthy cause
The Hollywood elite are masters and their efforts are held in awe
After 32 days of the Russian Bear with missiles, drones, and shells
For civilians in cities creating a deadly and inhumane Hell
Americans and Europeans are standing with Ukraine
Sending lethal drones, stingers and Javelins to the Bear contain
Humanitarian aid of food, water,  medicine and shelter in great need
As the nation continues be battered from the skies to bleed
Zelenskyy his back to the wall on the front lines with his forces
Desperate for more arms and munitions to cause the Bear to change course
Tonight Hollywood celebrates the Oscars  with stars departing from limos to the red carpet cross
While in Ukraine the only stars are the missile trails followed by explosions and more lives lost
Sean Penn thinks the celebs in their tuxes and multigrand gowns should hear Zelenskyy address them by Zoom
State his case and plead for more weapons to avoid a bloody doom
In an almost Booker Spartacus like moment “If he is not invited we should stand up and go home”
Bolstered an Academy Award winning speech as he solemnly intones
“If Zellenskyy is not invited to by Zoom be with us here
I am going to smelt my Oscars so from my trophy case they disappear”
Nice optics they will cause the audience to stand up and applaud while the killing will continue as before
Only weapons and more crippling energy sanctions will stop Putin’s infliction of blood and gore
While the nominees are looking a $130,000 in prizes as goody bag loot
Let’s hope we mere mortals flip to Stanford Texas game and give Oscar the boot
© 3/27/22 The Alaskanpoet

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