Monday, March 28, 2022

Are Blue Progressives Vowing To Fight Increased Military Spending The New 5th Column?


We are living in a time of great danger that is growing worse each day
A shooting war on the boundaries of NATO that is not going away
North Korea and Iran inching toward nuclear weapons with systems to deliver
China eying Taiwan with invasions plans that should make us shiver
Led by a president who both our friends and enemies consider as very weak
With cognitive fading revealed almost each time he speaks
Some wiser heads around him must be sounding the alarm bells
That the time is to ramp up military spending to armed threats against us quell
Blues and Reds on the issue of military spending should be coming together and differences at water’s edge shed
But the growing Progressive wing of the Blues want to cut military spending to fund domestic issues instead
More like a 5th Column than an opposing political side
They seem to be hawking a “Better Red than Dead Ride”
The world can be a dangerous place that can spawn wars
In the backdrop of nukes causalities by the millions that would soar
The progressives on foreign policy are really misnamed
Not progressive but regressing back to a time of shrinking military while the world is in flames
© March 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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